There aren't many game nights that can beat a chance to create your own movies.
ABC's new efforts are looking a little rough, but there are a couple of possibles in there.
The film finally blinks, and lets you know what's going on with the film's plot, and reveals a guest.
The film is a disappointment, but it at least isn't assured of your stupidity. It has moments of fun, and actors that help pick up the slack, but it isn't competent enough to deliver the power of its own, rather impressive, tale.
ABC cancels new shows faster than anyone, but stick around for a few years, and it's hard to kill them off... even without the show's characters?
No amount of name recognition can get past the fact that this script is so bizarrely weak.
Ever since the likes of The Sopranos, there’s been a succession of big-budget TV shows that have aimed to become the latest hits of streaming technology.