As good as ever, the anti-buddy cop/anti-road trip movie that became an instant classic gets a new release.
Reality television has come up with a lot of crazy efforts, but celebrities who are willing to show up to be horrible chefs is actually a lot of fun.
Possibly the best movie of the year managed a release worthy of the multi-layered film. The bonuses actually deliver a lot of value for fans, which is becoming somewhat rare.
Shut In seems weird enough as it is, but what's everyone scared of?
Possibly one of Pixar's best worst efforts, Finding Dory is still a no-brainer, but it probably serves best simply to make you respect the sequel moratorium.
The 9th Life of Louis Drax is as weird a film as you could want, and that's before the monster shows up.
One of the more interesting efforts of the year is loaded with some very interesting bonuses.