The Good Wife has always had its ups and downs, mostly because its own premise meant that it did a lot of dancing around, but season six is clearly when it all starts falling apart, and while still worthwhile to serious fans, it just isn't the same show.
Does American Pastoral have what it takes to pull you in with a "music video" trailer?
Westerns have gone to a lot of strange places over the years in an attempt to get people interested, and it has made for some great films.
While it may not be the next film to take the world by storm, Warcraft delivers on fun without sacrificing story.
You can't really blame anyone for taking a shot at a cash grab based on the App's popularity, but this one ends up an odd "no story in, no story out" effort.
Is Sony trying to out game the Ghostbusters box-office potential with psychological warfare? Hmmm....
The Ones Below has a lot of the right pieces, and is downright fascinating, but it doesn't quite come together.


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