Collision Course doesn't quite live up to the standards of the franchise, and the story is unapologetically silly, but it's still a lot of fun for the kids.
  There are lots of different new online pokies that people can enjoy today. Some of them have the sort of supernatural themes that seem to be popular in almost any era and with people of many different backgrounds. Other...
Patrick Stewart isn't looking so good as Old Xavier.
With Trolls just around the corner, Deschanel opens up about her breaks, her go at rapping, and a lot more.
The Catch was one of the stars of last spring, adding some much-needed adventure to the TV lineup, and the release, while mostly serviceable, is still worth picking up.
Jason Bourne is coming your way, and this looks like a release that actually adds a lot of value with the bonuses.
Given the nature of season three, every role is extremely important, and the show has announced a couple more integral pieces.