Watch Kitchen Nightmares! That Is Seriously A Command. Donkey.

I hate to be in the position of recommending shows people are actually watching. My lot, as I see it, is more along the lines of recommending things no one knows about, and trashing anything with high ratings. But, the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares (which, to be fair, was a revisit episode) didn’t do as well as last season. Now, it still had over 5 million viewers, but that puts it third for its time slot… and behind Big Brother. It’s also behind football, but I’m okay with that. Well, and it just barely edged out Al Diablo Con los Guapos…???

If you aren’t in the know, Kitchen Nightmares is Gordon Ramsay’s show wherein he travels to restaurants that are on the brink of failure, and tries to turn them around so they can make money and survive. Ramsay, of Hell’s Kitchen and several British shows including Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, has a bad image, and a lot of people love to hate him.

I’ve said it before, but officially and for the record, I like Gordon Ramsay.

It’s actually a little difficult to say precisely why people in general like this show. I like it simply because I’m fascinated by people’s inability to improve themselves, admit they might have faults, or otherwise register criticism. Now, this is not a show about Gordon randomly appearing at restaurants at telling unsuspecting victims that their food sucks. These restaurants sign up because they’re going under fast, and the idea that they can get advice from Gordon Ramsay is an opportunity that could save them. Nevertheless, almost without fail, someone tells Gordon he’s an idiot and/or that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Damnit, Dude… You called me!

It doesn’t matter how many roaches are in the kitchen, how many thousands of dollars the place is losing every month, or how much rotting food is thrown away, the self-destructing restaurant owners flail and rage at any mention of something being wrong.

Maybe that’s why other people watch the show, and maybe it isn’t. But, why I recommend the show, and why I want you to watch it, is much more straightforward. Really, it’s a shame if you missed last night’s revisit show, and I really hope you’ll try and get it if you can. Last season FOX put episodes on the web to view, and I expect they’ll be available again.

See, I just like that he does this show, and that might be a little weird, because I hate Home Makeover.

Something like 300% of all new restaurants fail, and some even higher percentage of new restaurants are started by people who don’t have a clue what the hell they’re doing. And, apparently, they’re mostly pig-headed jerks, and often more caustic than Ramsay himself. But, it doesn’t mean they’re bad people.  Right?That big palooka of a retired cop really was right at the door to losing his life savings, and it’s awfully hard to avoid believing that if not for Gordon that family would be all kinds of ruined right now. Yes, when we first meet these people, they don’t all come across like that particular teddy bear, but these are all people who have to wake up wondering if this is the day their whole life crashes down. It’s a rough way to pretend you love your job, prepare great food, and be really cheery at people.

What’s the matter with Gordon Ramsay anyway? Here’s a guy who, when he eats food that sucks, says, “This food sucks.” Is that so wrong? Is there really some socially-accepted, “nice guy” spin to put on it when you’re saying, “There are rats and roaches everywhere, and your meat is green… And, I’ve eaten here!”

It won’t be on against football next week, and FOX seems pretty committed to Gordon in any case, but I really want this show on… and I want Big Brother to die.

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Quick update—-
The episode is available at Fancast.  Here
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