RU? Instant Reaction Review Episode 1 – The Hunger Games

Well, the first episode is in the can, and now you can listen to it whenever you want. Shane and I took on The Hunger Games to kick things off, and learned that the show could easily be an hour (and will be before long). As you know if you were there, the show is only able to broadcast for thirty minutes live, but there is another ten minutes of our closing thoughts available if you listen to the podcast.

To wrap up briefly, we wandered around book-to-film comparisons quite a bit, and talked not only about how The Hunger Games dealt with fan expectations and the problems of adapted screenplays generally, but also about where and how The Hunger Games got it right, and wrong.

We both found that we were taken with much of the supporting cast, and eventually managed to mention Jennifer Lawrence, who we both thought did a fine job with the role.


And, of course, much, much more, including Shane throwing out the prediction that Lawrence will play Wonder Woman, and use her twirling footage as her audition.


You can check it out right here.

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Next week’s episode is scheduled for an earlier time, Sunday, April 1st at 2:30 pm est, though that time may change slightly. We’ll be looking to (mostly… maybe) schedule for approximately that time each week.

Now, we’ve run into a bit of difficulty already, because we’re having some trouble deciding which movie to cover next week. We’ve decided to pass the buck, and leave it up to you, so vote below for which option you’d like to see us take apart next week.



See you next week.




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