RU? Instant Reaction Review Episode 2 – Wrath Of The Titans

So, some of you voted, and it turned out that we were thus forced to watch Wrath of the Titans.

As I mentioned last week, we went ahead and made the show an hour long. Unfortunately, a few minor glitches in the general world of life meant that the timing of the show got a bit thrown, so I’m not surprised we didn’t get a lot of live listeners… well, especially considering I changed the timing twice, once right before it was going to start.

At any rate, next week we’ll be covering American Reunion, so keep an ear open for the exact date and time.


To give you a little intro into things, I found the movie extremely irritating, and Shane didn’t exactly love it either.

Given that, “I hated this,” does ┬ánot an hour radio show make, we waxed poetic on the failings of the over-the-top effects, and the rambling, disconnected story.

You’ll also get to hear us give our view on remakes generally, and why our views there make this film especially irritating.

On the other hand, we didn’t mind the actors at all, and we found Bill Nighy to be an impressive ray of sunshine among the dark clouds.

To sum up, if you thought this was the best film you have ever seen, you probably don’t want to listen.

Give it a listen, and be sure to subscribe so that you don’t miss an episode.

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