RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Episode 3 – American Reunion

This week was a tricky one, but we toughed it out. In the end, @Shane_Leonard was a lot more lenient than I was, rating the film at just below average. I was thoroughly disappointed, but at least got to be amazed that we could talk for an hour about the film.

Sure, Shane predicted the upcoming American Pie: The Funeral, so keep your ears out for hints that someone picked up that idea, but I wasn’t even amused enough to spin such yarns.

We mostly found ourselves talking about the ways in which the film irritatingly failed, threw out theories on how it may have come about, and wondered why this couldn’t have been developed into something more solid generally, and something that was actually funny.

And, we go on a bit about how irritating it is that they tried to make Alyson Hannigan unattractive for much of the film, just to service their “lack of sex” angle. Well, that’s largely me actually…

There are a lot of examples of beating a dead horse in the film, and we touch base with them, but frankly, there isn’t all that much to examine here. Nevertheless, we manage to do it for an hour, and hope you’ll join us.

We also clue you in briefly to our expectations and reservations for next week’s film, The Cabin in the Woods.

Have fun, please subscribe, and we’ll see you next week, when we hope to return to the weekend airtime, so that we can get more live listeners. We want to hear from you, and get you on the air.




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