Kia Rio And Spotify Want You To Create Best Songs With Your Windows Down Playlist

This post brought to you by Kia Rio. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes a unique marketing effort comes along that creates something rather brilliant, and the Kia Rio and Spotify “Best Songs with your Windows Down” Playlist is just a creature. The sharing and playlist collaboration of Spotify is already what makes it addictive, and themed, crowd-sourced playlist is a treat. You can check out the playlist via Spotify (a quick search will lead there), but they’ve also created a Facebook App that lets you submit a song, and leads directly to the Playlist itself. Check that out here – “Best Songs with your Windows Down” playlist

It’s a simple enough operation (see screenshot below), requiring you only to search for the song you want to play with your windows down, and add your name and email.

Of course, I chose Foster the People‘s Pumped Up Kicks (which naturally was already there), because that’s what I do anyway, but once you submit your song and continue on to the whole playlist (the playlist will not immediately populate with your choice), you’ll see that there are some great ideas out there. Indiana Jones: Main Theme, anyone? The Spirit of Radio by Rush?

While perhaps not the most original theory for a playlist (though we’ll give them some slack for the car-oriented requirement), as you move through the selections, you’ll see that some people put a bit of thought into things. Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros may not be a song that jumps out at everyone, but it’s a hell of a choice to play with your windows down. Thus, just returning to check out the new thoughts other people have on the subject is its own reward, and isn’t that the sort of exploration we’re looking for from Spotify?

I’d like to get your thoughts on the subject as well, especially because I wonder if movie and TV fans are going to throw more variety into the mix, as with the already included Indiana Jones selection. Is it a straight loud song for you, just a favorite, or do you have something soundtrack-y in mind?

Leave a comment and let me know what you’ve added to the Playlist.


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Check the Playlist out (and subscribe to it), because I want to know what you can come up with.




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