Skyfall And Heineken Bring You ‘Crack the Case’ Interactive Campaign

You’ve probably already caught several trailers for the upcoming Bond film, Skyfall, and if you’re in theaters (and in front of screens) as much as I am, you’ve no doubt noticed that Heineken has teamed up with the film, and is providing a lot of interesting marketing efforts.

In one of the latest elements of the broader ‘Open Your World’ campaign, we get an interactive extension to a Heineken/Skyfall reel you might have seen at theaters. This ‘Crack the Case’ campaign keeps you moving beyond the marketing video, and then hopes you will allow for Facebook integration to continue. A less interesting, non-Facebook continuation exists, but the fun is really seeing your picture pop up throughout the video. (Hint- If your Facebook profile is a picture of your cat… well, it’s not as interesting.)

Not only is the original video a pretty decent affair, with the inclusion of nods to several Bond films, but the extension is worth sharing around. We all know we’re going to get blasted with promotions for all sorts of things as we approach the end of the year, and it’s nice to get a change of pace from the endless parade of straight trailers.

Check it out below, along with a bit more info on the campaign, and let me know what you think.




Rolling out worldwide, the ‘Crack the Case’ campaign will launch on multiple platforms on 20th September, through a combination of a new 60s film (TVC & online) with a personalized interactive experience. This powerful combination of ATL, digital, PR and experiential will ensure that Heineken® and Bond are able to reach out to more consumers than ever before and propel the campaign to new heights.

Building on a 15 year relationship with the Bond franchise, the ‘Crack the Case’ campaign takes viewers into a moving train somewhere deep in snow-covered mountains, providing them with the opportunity to be a secret agent themselves. Transitioning viewers seamlessly from the TVC, Bond actress Bérénice Marlohe tantalises viewers by inviting them to help her crack a mysterious case and outwit the menacing villains – a challenge which encourages a virtual voyage of participation and discovery.

The ‘Crack the Case’ campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The campaign TV ad, full details of which will only be revealed in time for September 20th launch, was directed by award winning Dutch filmmaker Matthijs Van Heijningen Jnr.


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