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Judging a late-night talk show is a tricky game, but I’m a fan of both Whitney and Whitney, so it isn’t difficult for me to ease into the groove that is Love You Mean It, Whitney Cummings new show on E!. It definitely has a different flavor to it, one that is closer to Chelsea Lately than most other late-night shows, but so far it’s a lot of fun.

A mix of what is basically a stand-up act, some “segments” (like the Insta-Grammar clip below), and chatting with guests, it’s a show that moves along at a pretty good clip, and is actually described pretty well by the overused soundbite “Whitney being Whitney.”

It’s on again tonight at 10:30, and then quite frequently in re-airs if last week is anything to go by, and you really want to check this one out. Of course, Whitney has a certain brand of humor, but it’s one that is somewhat hard to describe, and has to be experienced. Last week’s “man-on-the-street” montage of trying to get a date for Whitney, for example, was a good showcase of what you’re in store for, but is hard to sell around the water cooler.

If you have caught the show, and are a fan, I have 5 posters of the show to give away.

Below check out a clip, a bit more info from the press release, and make sure you enter.




Whitney Cummings is returning to her stand-up roots with her new weekly talk show from which to share her views on practically everything in the uniquely funny way that made her a favorite roundtable guest on “Chelsea Lately” and a go-to guest for high-profile comedy roasts. With a wide variety of special guests, field pieces, funny correspondents and her very own sidekick, stand-up Julian McCullough, Whitney takes on pop culture, entertainment news and current events as only she can. “Love You, Mean It With Whitney Cummings” premieres at 10:30pm ET/PT on Wednesday, November 28th following “The Soup” only on E!

Each week, Whitney will be doing what she does best — speaking her mind candidly and adding her own comedic take on what’s going on in the world around her. Honest and utterly unique, she will tell it like it is… and tell it like it ought to be. If it is relevant, she has an opinion about it. Whitney will open each show with her riotous take on news, the internet, and celebrities through her own views on sex and relationships. Not one to ever sit back quietly, Julian will bring his own hilarious two cents to any conversation, whether Whitney asks for it or not.

Joining Whitney is a team of comedic correspondents whose pieces will shed further light – and possible disgrace – on the people, events or subjects that have captured Whitney’s attention that week. And Whitney will welcome a wide variety of guests including celebrities and newsmakers.

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