RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 61 – Man Of Steel Review

Few movies are as anticipated this summer, and virtually none have ever caused the kind of stir we’re getting from Man of Steel. It’s probably fairly safe to say that everyone (who cares at all) has not only learned of the “spoiler” that has sparked unheard of debate, but come down on one side or the other as well.

We didn’t particularly care so much about the spoiler, though I thought it was goofy, and made no sense, but we did care about all the other things the film messed up.

Who cares if it has this one glitch that sends Superman finds into convulsions, can’t we find a way to care more about the fact that it’s a terrible movie?

From ridiculous plot turns to destruction scenes that go on so long that it isn’t possible to avoid becoming bored with them, there’s no fun and precious little entertainment. To top it all off, we’ve lost sight of the fact that there is no sub-text if there’s no text.

It’s a wild misfire that is sure to keep debate running for several years.

Love it or hate it… well, it’s not fun and isn’t worth watching, so… you can hear us take it apart below, and we’ve included some interview clips that largely kick off the discussion that there is obviously a mile of this movie that didn’t make it to you.

Man of Steel Review

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Marc Eastman
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