RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 94 – RoboCop Review

Robocop didn’t do what we wanted, and we couldn’t quite get to an average rating, but there were some fun moments. A lot of what went wrong had to do with overshooting, over-thinking, and abandoning the see-through layers of the original. It tried to push the themes, and forgot to have fun.

It liked the idea that the way to make a movie better is to throw more money at it, and it didn’t temper that attitude with enough actual storytelling, or workable action.

Nevertheless, there were bits here and there that we liked. If nothing else, it made us envision the way things should have been, which potentially means that the slew of other remakes that are bound to come along have some chance at legitimacy. On the other hand, we won’t be making those either.

Joel Kinnaman was actually better than I’d predicted, but Oldman was wasted in a goofy role, despite having all the best scenes.

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