RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 95 – 3 Days To Kill Review

3 Days to Kill was one of the oddest experiences we’ve had for a while, but it made for a solid show. The oddity might be understandable, for anyone who has caught this one, because the trailer presents a theory so far removed from the actual film.

There was a lot we liked about it, and a lot that seemed to just jump off the deep end, but even with certain problems, there wasn’t anything we really hated about it. You have to accept the general genre this one is in, and it isn’t what you think, but if you can do that, you’re in for a pretty fun ride. A much slower ride than you think, but fun nonetheless. It’s almost like the trailer makes you think you’re getting on Space Mountain, but once you go through the dark a bit, you come out on Pirates of the Caribbean. Both fine rides, but it makes for a strange experience when you think you’re getting on one, and then have to deal with the fact that you’re on the other.

There was some solid moments, and there were some bizarre moments, and there were some moments that made you feel like you were watching something aimed at much older people, and airing on BBC.

We liked Kevin Costner here, and Hailee Steinfeld was doing the best she could with her odd spot in this roundabout of a story.

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