Syfy Series And Season Finale Previews – Being Human, Lost Girl, And Bitten

Syfy has a powerful schedule tomorrow night, Monday April 7th, wrapping up three of its most intense, and popular, series, two with season finales, and the series finale of Being Human. I have to admit, after visiting the set last summer, I’m pretty disappointed that Being Human won’t be carrying on for at least one more season. The show worked around some solid twists this season, and managed to keep the fun alive.

You definitely don’t want to miss the series finale. Much as that probably goes without saying under any circumstances, this one is going to spin things together a way that you really, really don’t want to miss.

Being Human Series Finale Sneak Peek


The newcomer of the group has an intense season finale for you as well. Elena and the Pack make a final stand when the Mutts attack, and the encounter is bound to throw out some interesting leads to set the stage for the next season. I’m oddly drawn to this one, which is about outside the norm for me, despite the sci-fi connections, and I’m hoping it picks up even more as time goes on.

Bitten - Ep 113 - Syfy

(Photo by: Shane Mahood/Syfy

Bitten Season Finale Sneak Peek


Up at the top you can catch the sneak for the season finale of Lost Girl, which is still one of my favorites, despite the fact that the show is continually sliding into the further and further reaches of the fairly goofy. If you’re a fan of Bo’s, you can’t miss what’s coming up, as┬áBo makes a hard decision when an unthinkable sacrifice is the only thing that can stop a supreme evil from destroying the world.



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