First off, if you’re looking for any spoilers, you aren’t going to get them here. Also, if you haven’t caught it yet, check out our Fargo review here.

Now that everyone’s gone, Fargo, the best miniseries of this or almost any year, is wrapping up tonight, and you can’t miss the endgame. The show has managed to keep the firm hold on viewers through nine episodes, which is a feat itself, but the big question of anything like this is whether or not it will pay off, and this one does. With all the twists and turns, this is the kind of experience that often leads you to expect that it can’t end well, and continues to make you more sure of the idea, the more each episode turns out to suck you in even more than the last.

Brilliantly written, and with stellar performances, we’re in nearly unexplored territory here as the show creates bizarre circumstances outside of itself. For example, how do you pick if Martin Freeman or Billy Bob Thornton should take home the Critics’ Choice Television Award? (Which is only two days away. Don’t miss that either.)

As for the finale, there are many reasons to love the show, but the most important for me is watching the characters develop. There’s so much fun at play here that it’s actually difficult to pinpoint the most impressive aspects of the show, but seeing the characters react, adapt, and ultimately change is perfected here in a way that television audiences just can’t be used to, because it is one of those “much discussed, but rarely seen” entities.

Fargo Series Finale Martin Freeman
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Looking to things from previous episodes, that Lester convincingly internalizes his experiences in order to become the guy who could frame his own brother is a credit to the writing, and Martin Freeman’s amazing ability to deliver every step along the way. Add in some things we’ve seen him do even more recently, and the show becomes a masterpiece, not because of what happens exactly, but because we are at equal parts of completely believing in the Lester character, and shouting out, “Oh, Shut Up!” when he does whatever comes next.

It’s just the sort of brilliance that you figure can’t last, and when the end hits, the whole town is going to get hit by a meteor, or everyone dies, or everything is going to wrap up with a nice bow on top in a way that doesn’t fit what has held you on the edge of your seat for so long.

Fargo TV FX Series Finale Allison Tolman
Copyright 2014, FX Networks. All rights reserved.
photo credit: Chris Large

Like I said, I’m not going to give anything away, but the series ends well, and fans will not be disappointed. It actually manages to give us more of the same, with the characters moving and reacting in ways that still fit who they are, but also believably show off who they have now become. Allison Tolman and Colin Hanks get their moments to shine, and all of the threads find a way to come together.

Not only will you not be disappointed, you’ll be trying your best to pre-order the DVD set as soon as it ends.


I do have one problem with how things play out, and I want to get your reaction. In fact, we’ll be discussing the finale, and what I didn’t like about it, on our next podcast, and I’d love to have some of your reactions to bring to that discussion. It isn’t so much that anything really goes wrong, but one aspect of how things wrap up… well, isn’t how I wanted it to play out, and I think the overall series would be better if it went in a different direction.

Let me know what you think of the finale, and if there are any parts that you think could have been better.



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