RU? Instant Reaction Review Podcast Ep. 117 – The November Man & As Above So Below

We’re slowly catching up on our podcast episodes, and this one covers The November Man and As Above/So Below. Stay tuned for a rush of our episodes, but remember you can always catch the latest ones by subscribing on iTunes, or check our Stitcher player on the homepage, and you can always tune in live on

This was an oddly fun week, considering we didn’t have any movies to love, which is a strange statement on how well these films managed their averageness. For The November Man especially, though the film may not have impressed us overall, there was a lot to like about it, and watching Pierce Brosnan.

As Shane couldn’t stop saying about The November Man, it’s comfort food, and will work as such for a lot of people.

The November Man Movie Brosnan

The ratings on the article are for The November Man.

For As Above/So Below –

Marc Eastman – 2.5/10

Shane Leonard – 4.5/10

So, we were pretty close on The November Man, and while neither of us is exactly singing the praises of As Above/So Below, there’s a pretty big difference between our viewpoints. It’s actually a difference that probably sounds even bigger to hear us talk about it. You’ll just have to tune in and find out how we got to our ratings.

I also had to give my two cents about Joan Rivers’ death, just because the way it was hitting the media threw me for a loop. So, you don’t want to miss that.


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