Justice League Gives Us A Look At Batman, Wonder Woman & The Flash

The pressure is on as DC throws its cards on the table with Justice League, and while the movie is obviously one of the most anticipated efforts coming in 2017, there’s a bit of an uphill battle coming after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It looks as though Wonder Woman will be able to pull the general attitude back toward something that will have people chomping at the bit, and that film also creates a unique double-down release schedule that should translate into extra ticket sales for Justice League.

As we get closer to November, the lack of info means that fans are almost constantly trying to put together anything they can. With the Comic-Con trailer (below) being pulled apart, and the IMDb.com page for the film being examined (probably daily), speculation abounds about Arkham Asylum, the extent to which people are in the film, and just about everything else you can imagine.

While we’d all love a lot more detail, we at least have an image to spread around now, and it may not involve a lot that details plot, it’s an interesting shot. Especially considering all that speculation I mentioned.

Who knows exactly what we’re looking at, or what they’re looking at, but they’re together in an interesting shot, and the next few weeks are likely to see a lot more showing up in images and clips. As we get closer to Wonder Woman, DC is going to do everything it can to make sure that everyone loves its superheroes, knows who Cyborg is, and forgets about critical response to certain other films.

Enjoy the quick look, and check out the Comic-Con footage again.


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