Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017 And Why They Should Be Worth Your Time

[tps_title]Blade Runner 2049[/tps_title]


(L-R) RYAN GOSLING as K and HARRISON FORD as Rick Deckard in Alcon Entertainment's "BLADE RUNNER 2049," a Warner Bros. Pictures and Sony Pictures Entertainment release
photo: Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros.

Ryan Gosling is obviously riding high right now, and with good reason, but there’s always a danger involved in going back to something that has helped define a genre. You don’t really need any reason to be excited for this one, any more than you would if someone were revisiting Gone with the Wind, but the team involved here makes you hopeful that this isn’t just something we’re dusting off to grab some cash.

If you needed a reason, having¬†Denis Villeneuve¬†at the helm ought to qualify. After last year’s Arrival, he probably works as a draw himself for a while, but he should have achieved that status for cinephiles with Sicario and Prisoners.

Best of all, the trailer just looks so slick, and you get a new excuse to rewatch the original.