Schitt’s Creek Renewed For Season Four Ahead Of Season Finale By CBC

Canadian treasure Schitt’s Creek has settled any fears fans might have about the show returning with a fourth season order. That might sound strange, if you know the show, because it has performed well, taken home a lot of awards, has critics raving, and is absolutely hilarious, but the show does have a certain air about it that continues to make people wonder about its longevity. That might also sound strange, but it’s actually a kind of compliment to Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara, who aren’t the sort of people who will just plug away because someone will keep signing checks. I’m a huge fan of the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided they’d done what they could with the Rose clan.

Perhaps more significant to the show’s future, I also wouldn’t be at all surprised if anyone and/or everyone involved didn’t find themselves under a lot of pressure to parlay the show’s success into other projects. When the show does finally end, Eugene and Dan Levy will likely have to try for all of ten seconds to get their next idea into production.

Schitt's Creek Season 3 - Eugene Levy

courtesy CBC

Such musings aside, the show will be back in winter 2018, likely to once again be in awards consideration. The show already has 39 nominations and 16 wins, including 2016 Canadian Screen Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Writing in a Comedy for Daniel Levy and Best Comedy Performance for both Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. And, at the 2017 Canadian Screen Award Industry Gala for Creative Fiction held on March 8, Emily Hampshire was named best supporting actress in a comedy for the second year in a row, and rightfully so.

The show continues to be one of the most-watched comedies in Canada, and the first two seasons are available on Netflix.

If you haven’t given this show a chance yet, be sure to find it and catch up. It’s now even safer to do so, because it’ll keep coming for quite a while.


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