Are You Screening? Podcast #207 – Logan Review

Logan Movie
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Logan took us a bit by surprise, and even though we were pretty hopeful that we’d get something worth the effort, it wasn’t what we thought we were going to get when we walked in. That’s despite the fact that we had a lot to go on, so we couldn’t help wondering what your average audience member thought about what showed up in front of them.

Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were wonderful throughout, and you have to imagine that they had a great time moving these characters into a wildly different space.

With the news that the Blu-Ray release is going to include a Logan Noir option, fans have even more reason to be excited, and that’s above and beyond the more typical bonuses that come with the release.

We had some problems with the film, though a few may have been rather nitpicky, and we didn’t exactly agree on everything, but overall the film made us hopeful for the future of comic book adaptations. That’s especially the case if you consider that this one broadens the potential and opens the door for audiences to expect some diversity.

Tune in below and we’ll let you know what we thought of Jackman’s last effort (supposedly) with the character, and whether or not you need to catch this one.

Logan Movie Hugh Jackman
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Logan Podcast Review


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