Are You Screening? Podcast #209 – Life & Ghost In The Shell Reviews

It’s a pair of sci-fi adventures this week, and they definitely received different reactions. Life had star power and the benefit of a preset stage, but didn’t exactly wow us. Ghost in the Shell twisted the original story around to odd degrees, but ended up a fun and intriguing sci-fi romp.

Of course, audiences may feel torn by the chance to watch an alien slaughter people or a cyborg protect them, especially when both of them have their merits… sort of.

Considering that the week includes Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Scarlett Johansson, something better end up a good movie.

We also gave a rundown of a lot of the films headed to theaters over the coming weeks and months, and let you know which ones we think need to be on your list.


Life & Ghost in the Shell Reviews


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