The Curse Of Oak Island Returns November 7th

The return of The Curse of Oak Island wasn’t a guarantee after the fourth season ended. The internet was buzzing for a while about the idea that the Lagina brothers might be done with the adventure after years of digging in the muck. There was good reason for the uncertainty, despite the fact that the show still performed well, because when we last saw Rick and Marty Lagina, they didn’t exactly seem like they were still raring to go. Waiting through another winter just to spend millions of dollars to turn up precious little will eat away at your resolve.

Well, History has announced that the show will indeed return in November, and God knows it’s hard to keep away from a show that’s after one of the most bizarre mysteries on the planet, even if they only turn up a few dollars worth of antiquities and a button.

If nothing else, you’ve got to think that the brothers have a lot more experience, and hopefully know where to not waste more time. It seems as though they are going after the Money Pit full focus (which is what I told them to do the whole time, but does anyone listen to me?).

Make sure to tune in for this one, because even though it’s all already happened and no one leaked the discovery of tons of treasure, playing along with the historical dig is a lot of fun.

photo: Prometheus Entertainment


Armed with the knowledge gained and evidence gathered in their years on Oak Island, the Lagina’s and their partners, are doubling down with new technology and heavy machinery as they go full bore into what they believe is the famed Money Pit – a 160 foot deep hole first discovered by three teenage boys in the late 1700’s – which is believed to be hiding a cache of valuable items. This season, while specialized drilling rigs dig deeper than ever before, new artifacts, including a Pirate’s chest and a set of keys for three other chests, surface that deepen the mystery. What the Lagina’s will unearth this season may ultimately answer the question that hundreds of searchers – including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt – have been asking for over two centuries: what’s really hidden at the bottom of Oak Island?


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