Are You Screening Podcast – Best Movies Of 2017

Our lists of the best movies of the year often diverge from the majority of such lists and the year’s list of big award winners, and while we include things like The Shape of Water, Ladybird, and others, we throw some wrenches into the mix as well.

This was a strange year in an industry where every year is a strange year, and while Mad Max: Fury Road opened the door to genre films being taken more seriously, it would have been tricky to predict a year ago that a sci-fi movie about a Creature from the Black Lagoon monster was seriously in the running to take down so many awards.

But, it was also a strange year because so few films ended up with much representation among the nominees, meaning that so many lists of the best movies of the year are locked into the same films.

Give us a listen and see where we put things, and what we thought deserved a spot that might be surprising.

I will spoil things a bit with the images though and tell you that we both really liked Ladybird.

Photo by Merie Wallace, courtesy of A24


Best Movies of the Year Podcast


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