Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood Montage Poster Kicks Up Film’s Nostalgia

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood Montage Poster
Credit: Andrew Cooper - © 2019 CTMG, Inc.

Tarantino is nothing if not a certain form of slave to film nostalgia, but in his upcoming effort, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, things go a more straightforward route. Setting his sights on the industry itself, this one has us riding along with TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he tries to maneuver through a quickly-changing Hollywood circa 1969. With his longtime stunt double, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) in tow, the pair find themselves now in an industry they don’t recognize and seems to change on a daily basis.

Possibly best of all, the film looks to deliver the kind of story that will pull in audiences beyond those who show up for name recognition alone.

In keeping with this general spirit of tribute to the last days of Hollywood’s Golden Age the film has released a new poster that drips ’70s and helps set the stage for a trip back to the past. The film will be out July 26th.

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood montage poster
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