Ted Lasso First Look From New Apple TV+ Series With Jason Sudeikis

Streaming services are flooding the world with new series so fast that it’s hard to keep track, even to the extent that the window between getting information on them and release is narrowing all the time.

Apple has now released a first look image (above) of Ted Lasso, a series that is premiering on Apple TV+ August 14th, and if that seems soon for a show you don’t know anything about yet, you’re not alone. While the series was announced last fall, there hasn’t been much information about it since. It’s a quick turn-around for any show, and we can expect a lot of trailers/clips to hit before long, but it’s more surprising for what is apparently a quirky comedy that could be gold, but may have a slightly higher bar when it comes to attracting viewers.

Jason Sudeikis stars as Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas who moves to the UK to coach soccer. That’s already a hell of an opening, but he also has no experience coaching soccer at all, and now he’s in the biggest of big leagues. With Sudeikis on board, it isn’t hard to imagine the various fish-out-of-water gaffes in store, and when combining both the game and the country, there’s a lot for Ted to get lost in.

Of course, those familiar with the NBC spots where Sudeikis first gave us Ted Lasso will recall that in that incarnation Lasso was almost completely unfamiliar with soccer and/or any of its rules. I doubt a full series could sustain the same level of ignorance, but there is plenty to explore with the concept. The pilot is going to be a serious test with this one, because it’s easy to convince with laughs for a few minutes in promo spots, but how this fleshes out is anyone’s guess.

Sudeikis also serves as executive producer with Bill Lawrence (Scrubs). The series joins a hot list of new and coming Apple TV+ titles including Dear…, Little Voice, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, Defending Jacob, Dads, and Greatness Code.

Marc Eastman
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