The Americans Season One Blu-Ray Giveaway With Bonus Ushanka Hat!

Take home FX's breakout hit The Americans on Blu-Ray, and enter to win a fantastic hat to go along with it.

Splice Blu-Ray Review And Giveaway

Few films have walked the line between the ludicrously unwatchable and interestingly tantalizing like Vincenzo Natali's Splice, and one of them is his '97 film Cube. Both demand new heights...

Exodus: Gods And Kings Comes Home March 17th

Exodus: Gods and Kings hits March 17th loaded with bonus features

Coupling – Series 1 – TV Review

BBCAmerica calls Coupling a cross between Friends and Sex and the City. I don’t really see that as a particularly accurate description, mainly because neither of those shows is...

Thundarr The Barbarian DVD Review

It's amazing to me, looking back, to discover that the Thundarr the Barbarian DVD release is in fact the complete series at 21 episodes. Now available through the increasingly interesting...