The Angriest Man In Brooklyn Hits July 22nd

Remaining largely under the radar despite some big names, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is hitting shelves on July 22nd. Running with a gimmick-focused plot, the film features Robin...

Jack The Giant Slayer Hits June 18th

You don't have long to wait for this one, and don't let the list of bonuses fool you, it should be a lot of fun.

ABC Studios Rush To Release Full Season DVDs – The River, Missing, GCB, Scandal

ABC, as a very general entity, is apparently having good luck releasing TV shows on DVD as quickly as they can, because they certainly aren't shying away from the...

Longmire: The Complete Third Season Hits March 3

Whether you've seen it or not, don't miss your chance to catch up with Longmire when the third season release hits in March.