Batman And Harley Quinn Blu-Ray Review

The latest animated feature with the Dark Knight leaves a lot of its potential on the floor and mixes in some hokey moments with those that opened the door for a great story. It's ultimately a miss, and one that is all the more frustrating for its solid elements.

Wild Blu-Ray Review – Reese Witherspoon Takes A Mental Hike

Wild is a journey that simply isn't for everyone, but those that come to it with high expectations aren't going to be disappointed. As a film, it's a challenging experiment, just like Dallas Buyers Club, and the Blu-Ray is loaded with features fans will enjoy.

North By Northwest 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray

When it comes to classic movies, there aren't many around with a shot at toppingĀ North by Northwest. The treasure of cinema fans and frequent bane of film students is...

Old Dogs Blu-Ray Review – Win Yours Here

When you put John Travolta, Robin Williams, Disney, and the word "Dogs" on the poster for a film, you're not expecting something that is going to get trounced by...

Scooby-Doo Camp Scare DVD Review And Giveaway

Of all the franchises that continue to put out new content, Scooby-Doo is still releasing gems, and they largely seem to float just under the radar. The general scheme...