Se7en Blu-Ray Book Review And Giveaway

Some films instantly change the way we look at the medium, and become classics almost before the first viewing ends. Such entries into the history of movies live above...

The Heat Blu-Ray Review

On the list of the four worst movies that I've ever watched, The Heat is nevertheless saved as a release with the help of some great bonus features.

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Trance Blu-Ray Review: Boyle Keeps True Even If Film Falters

A great movie, until it isn't, Trance is probably the best and worst of Boyle in one go. Wonderful to watch, a true experience, but a plot that takes it all down.
Logan Movie

Logan Hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD May 23rd With Logan Noir Edition...

Logan Noir is worth it alone, but there are a lot of bonuses coming with the release.