Get A Job Releases New Images

Get a Job hits on March 25th, and Lionsgate has released some new images. They don't exactly offer a lot of surprises that the trailer (see below) hid, but...

Free Birds Trailer Sells Turkey Movie Fun

It's all out war, and survival of the... well, it's a Thanksgiving movie with turkeys actually.
Max Rose Movie

Max Rose Releases Poster – Jerry Lewis Returns To Film

Can Jerry Lewis come back from 30 years away from films with a nostalgic look back at a marriage that may have been a lie?
The Loft Movie

The Loft Trailer And Poster

A remake of a 2008 Belgian film, The Loft looks to be a solid, tense thriller.

The Muppets Movie Review

As I walked out of the theater, my son (10) asked if The Muppet Show really used to be on TV, and you could see in his eyes that...