Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Hints At A Franchise That Grows With Its Audience

Pixar wants to let you know just what you're getting in under a minute, and manages to make you wonder if you should show this to your kids. That's a power move you didn't see coming.

Surrogates – Movie Review

Surrogates is a decent enough sci-fi/action vehicle, except insofar as it doesn't have the level of internal sensibility necessary to realize that "action" shouldn't be something you're forced to...

Lincoln Movie Review

Lincoln is an engaging, deftly made film chronicling an important part of Abraham Lincoln's legacy.
Finding Dory

Finding Dory Trailer Sets The New Quest Story – Adds To Title Confusion

Some may feel that Pixar (and all animated film studios) overplay the sequel trend, but at least Pixar has a pretty good track record when they decide to continue...

Logan Lucky Trailer May Reveal The Wild Ride This Summer Needs

You don't exactly expect screwball comedy from Soderbergh, but at this point you probably should.