In Defense Of Christian Bale

So, by now everyone has heard Christian Bale's rant, listened to the remix, heard the apology, read his director's support quotes, bought the T-shirt, and everything else imaginable.  The...

The Bloggess – The Hottest Blogger On The Planet… With Ninjas & Wolverines

So my wife got hooked on something I got her onto on Twitter, and that something is The Bloggess. Jenny Lawson is The Bloggess, and she's also one...

Best Movies Of 2011 – Lominac’s View

Just to add even more to the barrage of Best you've certainly received already, we have another version for you. Catch my list here, if you haven't already.   Every year...

RU? Entertainment RoundUp And Cool Junk – February 2014 – Ed. 1

Another collection of ramblings, news, and whatever else came out of the last couple of weeks.

RU? News RoundUp 2/11/13 – Pilots, Film News, Streaming TV, Hate-Watching, And More

We'll try a little news again. The pilot are coming people, start getting ready now.