Life Of Crime Trailer Manages To Feel Like Elmore Leonard

Elmore Leonard fans are in for a bit of switch from the normal paces as a kidnapping goes haywire.
A Cure for Wellness Trailer

A Cure For Wellness New Redband Trailer May Be Trailer Perfection

Gore Verbinski isn't a person I would have associated with this amazing trailer... not recently he isn't anyway.

Liam Neeson Desperately Tries To Hold Laughs At Bay In Non-Stop Trailer

Liam's action efforts now find him trapped in a box (read: no car chases, I guess) with someone who is magically hunting passengers.
Cars 3 Teaser Trailervideo

Cars 3 Teaser Trailer Hints At A Franchise That Grows With Its Audience

Pixar wants to let you know just what you're getting in under a minute, and manages to make you wonder if you should show this to your kids. That's a power move you didn't see coming.

Chef Releases Trailer And Poster

Chef trailer finally hits, and looks like perhaps it's going to be worth it.