Hyde Park On Hudson Trailer Hits And Bill Murray Looks Brilliant

We won't be seeing it until December 7th, and it's unlikely to be the kind of film that will ultimately bombard you with ads, so the trailer release for...

Ex Machina Trailer Is The Coolest Thing In Years, Nevermind The Film

The Ex Machina Trailer hopes to blow your mind, or at least convince you something awesome is going on, and it certainly delivers on selling a tease that will you get you in theaters.

Arthur Newman Trailer Impresses

Glad to have the star power in this little gem, because I'd hate it to slip completely under the radar.

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Foxcatcher Movie Left to right: Steve Carell as John du Pont and Channing Tatum as Mark Schultz Photo by Scott Garfield, Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Foxcatcher Teaser Trailer – Channing Tatum Incites Curious Oscar Buzz

The Foxcatcher teaser trailer has a lot of people talking, but does it deserve it? Do Tatum and Carell really do anything that impressive here?