Transformers: Dark Of The Moon – Movie Review

When the second Transformers movie came out, the last thing I expected was that it would cause me to write an exceedingly long-winded rebuttal to Roger Ebert's view of...

X-Men: First Class Movie Review Plus Awesome Retro Shirt Giveaway

As I left the theater after X-Men: First Class, the song Everything Zen by Bush came on, and whether you believe in God, or perhaps just curious brownies who...
The Huntsman: Winter's War

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Review

The film is a disappointment, but it at least isn't assured of your stupidity. It has moments of fun, and actors that help pick up the slack, but it isn't competent enough to deliver the power of its own, rather impressive, tale.
Colonia Movie

Colonia Review – Emma Watson And Daniel Daniel Brühl Nail Very Odd Roles

Colonia pulls you in, despite a lot of problems, by way of some solid acting, but it's an odd dance that doesn't completely gel.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind – Movie Review

Even with John Cusack, who has a special place in my heart, Being John Malkovich does nothing for me at all. The best response to the film I can...