Angry Birds

Angry Birds Movie Review – Lack Of App Story Translates As Expected

You can't really blame anyone for taking a shot at a cash grab based on the App's popularity, but this one ends up an odd "no story in, no story out" effort.

22 Jump Street Movie Review

22 Jump Street spends most of its time trying to convince you that sequels are stupid, and spends the rest of the time proving it.

Venom Review – Comic Films Push The Envelope

As the comic genre takes over theaters more and more, part of the overall agenda becomes testing the waters, especially when it comes to broadening the franchise...

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Review

It's a wasted effort that might have been a great movie. It's visually wonderful... mostly, but the story is calling you stupid, or is designed for people who have never seen a movie before. The acting is mostly top notch, but it has to be mentioned that Jessica Alba is beyond awful, because however much you may manage to enjoy the film, she'll snap you right out of the experience.
10 Cloverfield Lane movie

10 Cloverfield Lane Review – The Non-Sequel You Have To See?

The parts don't make for a worthwhile whole, despite the fact that a lot of them are great parts.