J. Edgar Movie Review

When undertaking the task of translating the life of a famous historical figure for the purpose of cinema, discounting adventurous "left field" attempts such as Todd Haynes's Bob Dylan...

Memento – Christopher Nolan’s Audience Splitter

Confused?*   Where was I? Either way, Teddy's going to get shot, and he knows it. Confused? Don’t be. The brief ‘action’ involved in the killing throws us right at the ‘beginning’, but...

Jupiter Ascending Review

A moderate student film that no one would have ever paid attention to, but with $275 million more behind it, and some cool visuals, Jupiter Ascending is bad more than The Matrix is good, and that's a lot.
A Monster Calls Movie Review

A Monster Calls Movie Review

A Monster Calls is the first movie you'll remember all year, and though it isn't something you're likely to rewatch frequently, it's a movie you'll think about rewatching a lot... and for a long time.

Planet 51 Movie Review

Planet 51 is an odd entry into the animated feature realm. With only "fairly cute" and "moderately entertaining" in its arsenal, Planet 51 is easily overlooked, and I suspect,...