We Are The Best Movie

We Are The Best! Movie Review

We are the Best! is so clever that it often seems not to be saying anything at all, and the stars all deserve more attention and applause than there is any hope of them getting. There is no movie hitting theaters this summer that I recommend more.

Iron Man Movie Review

One of the trickier problems you find in superhero movies is that the whole creation vs. story question is always an issue for the script.  How much time are we...

David Cronenberg’s Spider – Movie Review

There is a certain genius at work in the movie Spider, and that is a tricky statement for three reasons. 1) The movie is a solid four stars, and...

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Review – Michael Bay Still Own Worst Enemy

Transformers: Age of Extinction is going to work for fans, and anyone who can be convinced to show up, and better than some of the earlier films, but it still has a lot of problems, and it misses out on some easy fixes/changes that could have made it a real winner.

Easy A Movie Review

Even a mild John Hughes reference can send your teen angst movie into a tailspin of expectation failure, and Easy A doesn't merely nod at the legendary writer/director, but provides...