Green Lantern Movie Review Plus Awesome Retro T-Shirt Giveaway

As the movie industry is forcing us all to realize more and more, translating comic books to film is a tricky beast. It didn't quite seem like such a...

TiMER Movie Review – Tribeca Film Festival

We're giving our lives over to technology more and more each day, but what if a new level in our ability to give up responsibility for our own future...

End Of Watch Movie Review

The purpose may be to venerate their service and sacrifice, but if you really wanted to honor the men and women in blue, the more reverential thing to do would have simply been to make a better, more realistic, movie.

Suicide Squad Review

The worst comic films we've seen in the last few years have largely been at least efforts at pushing fun and adventure. Suicide Squad stands out as seeming to be an effort by those who aren't even fond of the genre.

Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull – Movie Review

No one wanted to listen when I told them League of Extraordinary Gentleman was a good movie, and yet reviews for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal...