Frozen Movie Review – Disney Returns To Form

A superstar among Disney films, which is the kind of praise that is hard to fathom, Frozen is a rich and wonderful story pulled along by a great screenplay and amazing characters.

Oz The Great And Powerful Movie Review

A curious delivery, and one with as many lagging missteps as wins, but Oz is ultimately a lot of fun. Franco is impressive.

Funny People – Movie Review

There's a joke in Watchmen which Rorschach enters into his journal.  It's an idea that's been around forever, but it's summed up well in the quick delivery of a...

Planet 51 Movie Review

Planet 51 is an odd entry into the animated feature realm. With only "fairly cute" and "moderately entertaining" in its arsenal, Planet 51 is easily overlooked, and I suspect,...

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader Movie Review

Surprisingly, one of my most popular articles here is Why the Voyage of the Dawn Treader will work and Disney is stupid. The key idea in it is that abandoning the franchise after Prince Caspian is simply a mind-boggling decision.