Mad Max: Fury Road movie

The Best Movies Of 2015 – The Top 30

It's time to run through the movie world's best attempts.
Ghostbusters Movie The Team

Ghostbusters Trailer Hits Nostalgia Marks And Lays On The Slime

The continuation of Ghostbusters is an idea that has been plagued with the sort of problems, rumors, and twists that become industry legend, but today that's all one step...
Finding Dory

Finding Dory Trailer Sets The New Quest Story – Adds To Title Confusion

Some may feel that Pixar (and all animated film studios) overplay the sequel trend, but at least Pixar has a pretty good track record when they decide to continue...
Angry Birds

New, Extended The Angry Birds Movie Trailer Shows Sneaky Pigs And Bird Launcher

The Angry Birds Movie may have had your eyes rolling when it was first announced, and the first few glimpses may not have done much to alleviate any concerns,...