Anna Karenina (2012) Movie Review

The sort of stylistic effort you'd expect from Stoppard brought home by Joe Wright to make one of the year's best.

Snitch Trailer

It's just so hard to put your finger on where Snitch and/or Dwayne Johnson might be headed.

Playing For Keeps – 7 New Clips Plus Images

Get to know the movie as much as you can before reserving your tickets. Playing for Keeps is a rom-com extravaganza... for good or ill.

New Epic Trailer Lays Out The World

The new trailer gives us a lot more story and all the same magic. This one looks impressive.

Admission Trailer And Poster

The Admission trailer doesn't exactly keep you guessing, but it could be a lot of fun.

Skyfall Movie Review

An interesting enough action-adventure film, and one that is sure to be a lot of fun for most, but don't expect a positive reaction from the purist in your group.

Quentin Tarantino Talks Quitting, Actor Choices, And More In Playboy Interview

Quentin talks about a truly wild and diverse range of topics in a new interview... well, and his new film. Catch a sneak here.

Oz The Great And Powerful Second Trailer

The second trailer adds magic, creatures, and fun.

The Last Stand New Trailer

It's small town vs. tons of drug money in this extended trailer.

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