Are You Screening? Interviews

Ato Essandoh Talks Copper And Deceptively Light Set – Exclusive Interview

Ato Essandoh talks about the difficulties playing Dr. Freeman, and the surprisingly casual work environment on Copper.

Donal Logue Talks Vikings, Copper, And Sons Of Anarchy… Well, Mostly Not Actually

Get to know Donal Logue, and his thoughts on Vikings, Copper, and Sons of Anarchy... sort of.

Continuum Interview With Rachel Nichols, Victor Webster, And EP Simon Barry

The stars talk about their efforts for season one, and offer some insight into the next.

American Horror Story’s Pepper Naomi Grossman Talks Characters, Not Watching TV, And More

Get into the mind of one of AHS' fan favorite's, Pepper, and learn about the audition process, her thoughts on character, and more.

Jason Hawes Talks New Season Of Ghost Hunters And The Show Without Grant

Jason talks about the new season, the show without Grant, and a lot more. Look for a zoo this season?!

Director Marc Webb Talks The Amazing Spider-Man – Explains High School Setting And More

The comic-to-film world is going a little crazy this year, and to think that a Spider-Man movie isn’t the first thing that jumps to everyone’s mind is mind-boggling. Frankly, the movie has...

Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks The Client List

Lifetime has a big premiere coming your way this Sunday, and Jennifer Love Hewitt was available recently to talk about The Client List. Lifetime’s The Client List premieres on Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c...

Best Friends Forever Interview With Jessica St. Clair And Lennon Parham

NBC‘s new comedy, Best Friends Forever, is coming your way April 4th (but you can watch the full pilot episode below), and stars/writers Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham were recently availab...

Pretty Little Liars “A” Dishes Next Season

Well, PLL fans, it’s all out now, and we know that “A” is Mona (Janel Parrish). I’m not completely sure it makes sense if you start watching the show again from the beginning, ...

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