Conviction Review – ABC – A Solid Show May Lose Itself To Its Own...

There's so much hope for this show that you want that to be enough, but the pilot is weighty and doesn't do the convincing job you want. The cast may be doing a great job, but that doesn't focus the effort.

Red Bull TV’s The Horn Offers Up The Most Fascinating Reality TV In Years

The Horn is going to be like nothing you've ever seen before, riding along with the most amazing team of air rescuers around.
Jean-Claude Van Johnson Amazon

Amazon Greenlights The Tick, I Love Dick, And Jean-Claude Van Johnson

Amazon has some good ones lined up for you, and they've all got series orders.
Crisis in Six Scenes - Woody Allen

Crisis In Six Scenes Review – Woody Allen Drops Trying Fun At Amazon

Woody Allen television is a strange creature, and it doesn't come together as well as fans would hope, but it has its moments, and Allen moments are generally pretty good moments.

Criss Angel Returns To A&E With 1-Hour Special ‘Criss Angel Trick’D Up’

Criss Angel is coming back to A&E, and you don't want to miss it.