Dig is coming to USA, and this is the show you don't want to miss, because you'll be out of the loop when everyone else talks about it.

The Librarians gets a second season order, which isn't surprising, proving that wacky adventure has an audience.

The Slap is a good idea (with a silly name) that goes too far to ultimately maintain its own effort. It's guilty pleasure at best, and hard to distinguish from soap operas, except for its delusions of grandeur.

I knew you think you're a fan of the best show on television, but unless you mean Portlandia, you're just fooling yourself. Well, I may be caught up in the excitement, and thus prone to...

Gotham is doing everything it can to keep things interesting, and if that means throwing villains at you in droves, so be it.

The Latest

Secrets and Lies stumbles over its delivery, making for a difficult entry into its story, but there is hope that it can turn things around, though it doesn't have long to make that happen.

Kristen Wiig is about to launch another indie gem, and you don't want to miss this one. Welcome to Me hits May 1st.