The Bastard Executioner

Kurt Sutter's The Bastard Executioner eventually sets up a "Jax and his Merry Men" framework that will feel familiar, but there is so much that is wildly goofy going on, and each step is more simplistic than the last along the road we have to take to get there.

While other FX (FXX) shows are also pretty hilarious, nothing nails such a purely comedic take, or delivers rich and honest characters like You're the Worst. The only negative about the show is that you can't binge about four seasons worth.

Minority Report is a show that is up in the air until you see where it wants to take itself, but it'll hook you, and that's more than most can claim. It's potentially a 10, but it's one that could quickly jump the tracks, and it's too soon to tell how that's going to play out. It's a definite must watch to start though.
Still Standing TV CBC

The wonderful show with Jonny Harris gets a second season, and all of Canada rejoices.

Public Morals is the show Ed Burns has been working toward all his life, and he's finally found a niche that can actually deliver the potential for him. Having an amazing cast isn't hurting him any either. This is your new favorite show.