In a different world, CBS' Zoo is the kind of show you would bet good money that someone made as a joke, just because they were pissed that people liked the book, and wanted to show them how stupid it really was. That, or they figured they could make some money off the people who would watch it. Well..., I guess that second is kind of how it works.
The Astronaut Wives Club ABC

The Astronaut Wives Club has too much going on to rocket out of the gates, but it has the potential to easily rate a 9 or 10 after six episodes. The complexities are legion, and there are more characters than you know what to do with. If it settles down into the spin on pseudo-drama it suggests, it could be a winner.
Odd Mom Out Bravo

Odd Mom Out has a lot of parts that most will enjoy, and its star has the charm to pull you in, but the comedy feels familiar and doesn't quite make you desperate for more.
UnREAL TV Lifetime

UnREAL is only accidentally about a reality dating show, but it works well enough to shellac everyone involved in them. It's really a more effective effort at what reality shows are supposed to achieve, which, if you're cynical enough, is a thorough roasting of humanity in general.
Stitchers ABC Family

Stitchers takes a genre-bending ride through sci-fi detective work, and has the lead to make the show a hit. If it keeps up with its level of writing, and respect for its audience, it should be around for a long time.