You’re The Worst Season 2 Review – TV FXX

While other FX (FXX) shows are also pretty hilarious, nothing nails such a purely comedic take, or delivers rich and honest characters like You're the Worst. The only negative about the show is that you can't binge about four seasons worth.

The Comedians Review – TV FX – The Office Reinvents Abbot & Costello

The Comedians may find that it is too clever for its own good, but having a home on FX will probably help. It's one of the funniest shows I've seen in ages, but you may have to be a bigger fan of Crystal than Gad to get everything out of it.

HBO’s Girls Gets A Poster – Also Check The Trailer And Some Info

Squarely in the category of "things about to air that you haven't heard nearly enough about" is HBO's Girls. It looks to be quite the clever piece of fun,...

Political Animals TV Review – USA

A cross between The West Wing and Dallas (and not in a good way), Political Animals is condescending tripe by people convinced you're dumb enough to swallow it.

Syfy Acquires Hit Canadian Show Lost Girl

Now, I have to tell you up front that I haven't seen this show. I have heard a lot of good things about it though, and I know it...