STARZ Tackles Tricky Idea With ‘The Chair’

STARZ is betting that you want to watch film's being created, and hopes you'll tune in for all the gory details.
MYSTERY GIRLS - ABC Family's "Mystery Girls" stars Tori Spelling as Holly, Miguel Pinzon as Nick and Jennie Garth as Charlie.

Mystery Girls TV Review – ABC Family

Mystery Girls is train wreck television at its worst, without even a valid entry point for disliking it from the proper angle. It's so convinced that any audience tuning in is even more stupid than its main character that it doesn't bother (one must assume) with second takes, rewrites, and possibly even directors.

Still Star-Crossed TV Review – YA Shakespeare Meets Shonda Rhimes

Still Star-Crossed is a step above most Shondaland efforts, likely due to the source material, but it can't break free entirely and ultimately wastes the effort.

Red Bull TV’s The Horn Offers Up The Most Fascinating Reality TV In Years

The Horn is going to be like nothing you've ever seen before, riding along with the most amazing team of air rescuers around.