The Adventures Of Napkin Man Review

Easily one of the best children's shows to come along in quite a while. Hopefully the CBC will arrange deals for American markets, and said markets ought to be chomping at the bit to get this show out.

BBC 2’s Line Of Duty Latest Hulu Exclusive – Review

An intense, gripping police drama that will have you itching for the next episode. Far above the U.S. bar, and Lennie James is brilliant.
The Muppets

The Muppets Review – TV ABC – Don’t Call It A Comeback

The Muppets isn't quite a sure thing, but only because it's such a different creature. It's filled with all the charm and fun you know, but it's a harder, more worldly-wise group of Muppets, and as much as you have to watch it, it isn't for every age group... which is odd.

Stargate Universe – Review

Stargate Universe looks to be trying to balance a lot of things, and while the series reinvention seems to be the science-fiction hopeful of the season, I'm not sure...