True Tori TV Tori Spelling

True Tori TV Review – Spelling Creates New Reality TV Question

We've found a new low in reality television when we start to hope the thing is fake, and True Tori is just laughing at you with that title.

Utopia Review – FOX Ups The Ante On The Real World

Utopia might have been an interesting experiment, especially considering the extended coverage, but it's designed to produce as much nonsensical drama as possible, and that's not anything new.
Reckless Review - CBS TV

Reckless Review – CBS Explores Insult TV So Popular On Other Networks

Reckless, a rare, completely garbage offering from CBS, is apparently by, for, and about people who have never watched television before. It's off-day soap opera material delivered by people whose list of positives (that we care about) begin and end with the fact that they are simply fantastic looking.

Scream Queens Review – TV FOX – If You Love AHS This Is Your...

Scream Queens is a kind of trick of marketing intended to have two AHS series on at the same time without having to admit. It's the sorority version, and is littered with the mind-numbing action and characters we witnessed in the last few season of AHS. You know where you are.
MacGyver - CBS

MacGyver Review – TV – CBS Reboots A Classic. Misses Completely.

MacGyver is right in line with a slew of network offerings that are after the stupid market, believing they are out there and need shows too, but it's one step from self-mockery and all but unwatchable.