TNT Lands TV Right To Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games And Divergent Franchises

The biggest dystopic films around are going to the same home for your television network pleasure.

History’s Houdini Releases Classic Posters With Adrien Brody

History's Houdini is pulling out all the stops when it comes to cool promotions, including putting Adrien Brody into classic Houdini posters.
Robin Williams (Good Will Hunting)

Robin Williams Was A Comic Genius, But That Isn’t Very Interesting

In the short time since Robin Williams passed away, you've probably learned more about him than you ever expected. From the wonderful story Norm MacDonald told via Twitter, to...
Legends Review TNT TV Sean Bean

Legends Review – TNT Puts Sean Bean Under The Spy Microscope

TNT's Legends is a must watch of the highest order. It has a few flaws, but they are the sort that are likely to sort themselves out. The big question mark is just how "out there" the big mystery will go, but it's worth giving the benefit of the doubt for now.

Syfy’s Wizard Wars Is Your New Favorite Reality Competition

Syfy is pulling out all the stops to expand the reality competition genre, and Wizard Wars is going to put magicians to the ultimate test.