Pretty Little Liars’ Lucy Hale Covers Cosmo And Talks Image, PLL, And More

Pretty Little Liars fans are getting a treat this month with a Lucy Hale Cosmo cover, as well as some insights from the star on her views on the...

Craig Ferguson Hosts Celebrity Name Game Hitting September 22

Television without game shows has just gone wrong, and even if there is a whole network devoted to them (which puts out original efforts), and there are a few...
Partners Review FX

Partners Review – FX Tries For Legal Odd Couple Throwback Sit-Com

Partners is worth giving a shot, even if it doesn't seem to fit on FX, and mostly because of the show it has the potential to be as we approach the end of the first season. If it makes it that far, things could gel, but the series kicks off trying to be a variety of styles, and it needs to pick something and run with it.
Married Review FX

Married Review – FX Tries For No-Filter Comedy

Married is a pretty hilarious show, but one that asks a lot of the audience, and in a variety of ways. You can't just recommend this to anyone, because they'll watch it and look at you funny. It's possible that it isn't pushing the boundaries as much as it thinks it is, but it's giving it one hell of a go.
Welcome to Sweden Review Feature

Welcome To Sweden Review – TV NBC Takes A Risk With ‘Worldly’ Comedic Style

Welcome to Sweden could easily become a favorite to any audience that gives it a chance, and you've got to root for it, because that may lead to networks expanding their horizons.