Elementary TV Review

The best new show of the season, and a surprisingly deft treatment of such an update. Miller is so fun to watch that you're happy to let him carry you along.

Allegiance Review – TV

Allegiance is one of those rare shows that is impossible to judge without seeing a fair portion of the season. It's trying to set up feints within feints, and drama boiling over the action and intrigue, but it could go a lot of different ways. If they play it right, they have the making of a massive hit, but you just can't be sure.

How To Live With Your Parents (For The Rest Of Your Life) Review

A very niche comedy that hopes you're into uncomfortable situations with parents. Some laughs are there, but how long can we really run with this gag.

Taboo TV Review – FX Lets Hardy Loose And Delivers

Not only are there few shows as solid as Taboo, but almost no show has ever kicked off as well, sucking you in within the first few minutes. Besides, nothing has a character like this, and Tom Hardy is at his best.

Persons Unknown TV Review

Coming in on the heels of LOST fanaticism, and hoping to mine the psychological (and campy) possibilities of The Prisoner, which were left abused and untapped by the recent...