Hotel Hell TV Review

This one works, but future episodes will decide how much America is able to fall in love with the show.

Parenthood TV Review

NBC's new major effort Parenthood has a big problem that it's going to have to overcome over the next few weeks. I'll get tot that problem in a second, but...

Hatfields & McCoys TV Review – History

Few stories in American history have such a strange dynamic of awareness and ignorance, and that fact alone gives Hatfields & McCoys the potential to set records for a...

Mistresses TV Review – ABC Channels UK Series

A slightly above-average translation, the American version of Mistresses falls short of the original, and as usual, it is largely because of everything done to "Americanize" it.

Star Trek: Discovery Review – The ‘Vision’ Of New Era Films Hits Small Screen

Star Trek: Discovery isn't a terrible show, but it doesn't have much in the way of a "Star Trek" vibe to kick things off, and the internal conflict is mostly a buzzkill.