The Brave Review – Special Ops TV Hopes For A Place That Feels Comfortable

The Brave's main struggle will likely be getting people to buy a ticket, but it has all the makings of one of the better, tense dramas to come along in a while... if it sticks to the plan.

Roseanne Review – TV Revival Trend Gets Serious, Possibly Too Serious

The trend of reviving sit-coms from decades past is a bittersweet undertaking at best and that is perhaps most true when it comes to Roseanne. The nostalgia inherent in...

The Umbrella Academy Review – Bastard Superheroes With Lives… Nice

Graphic novels always make for difficult adaptations, but they are an undeniable draw for those hoping to snare audiences. Not only do they have a starting base...

Mr. Robinson Review – TV NBC

Mr. Robinson has potential, but doesn't feel completely comfortable with itself until you get in a few episodes, and not enough people may be willing to wait. Robinson himself is worth watching, but the scenery around him wants to be everything, and it doesn't work well enough to get really excited about.

The Good Doctor Review – TV Gets Another Problematic Physician From ‘House’ Creator

The Good Doctor will likely improve, but so far it oversells the stagy drama it never needed in the first place. It has a lot of potential, but might not get out of its own way.