Crimson Peak Trailer – Tom Hiddleston Is Super Creepy

Guillermo del Toro's new film has ghosts, secrets, a spooky house, and Tom Hiddelston acting creepy. What more could you want?

Spectre Movie Daniel Craig

Spectre Filming Vlog In Austria And First Look Image

Catch your first glimpses of where we'll be in Spectre. The Austrian mountains make for a fun look at filming.

TNT Gives The Librarians Another Season

The Librarians gets a second season order, which isn't surprising, proving that wacky adventure has an audience.

Likely Best Movie Contender While We’re Young Releases New Images

While We’re Young, the latest by Noah Baumbach, is hitting on March 27th in New York and L.A., with expansion in April, and the film has released a few ne...

Penguins Of Madagascar Available On Digital HD Today – Blu-Ray March 17th

Get Penguins of Madagascar on Digital HD release format right now, and Blu-Ray on March 17th

Trainwreck Trailer – Amy Schumer Writes Herself Into An Unflattering Character

We may get something especially great when Amy Schumer hits with Trainwreck. On the other hand...

Longmire Season 3 DVD Giveaway

Enter to win the Season 3 release of Longmire and make sure you're caught up for the show's return on Netflix.

Effie Gray Trailer – Dakota Fanning Joins Emma Thompson In Period Exploration

Emma Thompson's Effie Gray is coming your way pretty quickly, and the trailer looks brilliant.

Portlandia Renewed For Two More Seasons

I knew you think you’re a fan of the best show on television, but unless you mean Portlandia, you’re just fooling yourself. Well, I may be caught up...

Gotham Introduces Scarecrow With Julian Sands

Gotham is doing everything it can to keep things interesting, and if that means throwing villains at you in droves, so be it.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Releases New Images Which Aren’t Revealing But Reveal Much About The Effort

Fifty Shades of Grey is about to hit, so the film has released some new images in order to make sure you have no more info about anything.

A&E Won’t Let Unforgettable Die – Gives CBS Drama Another Season

The Poppy Montgomery vehicle won't go away, apparently no matter how many times it gets cancelled. That bodes well for the state of TV.

Laika’s The Alchemist’s Letter Short Get A Trailer

The Alchemist's Letter is an amazing short coming your way from Laika, and it is going to blow you away.

Netflix Releases Daredevil Trailer But It Doesn’t Help Much

Netflix is letting you in on a bit of Daredevil info with a teaser trailer, but you still don't know much, and it's still a bit scary-looking.

Exodus: Gods And Kings Comes Home March 17th

Exodus: Gods and Kings hits March 17th loaded with bonus features

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce Review

Bravo Renews Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce

You can rest easy, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce is coming back to Bravo.

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Resurrection: The Complete First Season DVD Review

Resurrection kicks off as one of the most interesting efforts to come along in a while, but ultimately wants to throw out as much wacky as it can fit in an epis...

Tyrant FX TV

Tyrant Review – FX Drama Has Too Many Goals

Tyrant ought to be a great show, and Adam Rayner is giving it his all, but this one is so overworked, and aiming in so many directions that it just spins its wh...

MYSTERY GIRLS - ABC Family's "Mystery Girls" stars Tori Spelling as Holly, Miguel Pinzon as Nick and Jennie Garth as Charlie.

Mystery Girls TV Review – ABC Family

Mystery Girls is train wreck television at its worst, without even a valid entry point for disliking it from the proper angle. It's so convinced that any audien...

The Last Ship TNT

The Last Ship Review – TNT Pushes Drama Until Everything Explodes

The Last Ship has little to offer any demographic, especially any of those that might tune in. It's largely sappy and nonsensical, and hopefully won't be around...

Jennifer Falls TV Review

Jennifer Falls lowers TV Land's batting average, but I still think they have their heart in the right place. It just isn't funny, and mainly because new spins o...

Murder In The First TV Review – TNT

Murder in the First is a prime example of not knowing how to work the idea you've got. Two steps past drama isn't "better drama," it's just being silly, and wit...


Undateable TV Review

NBC is betting heavy that viewers will stick around to watch two actors they may miss, and that Bill Lawrence‘s CV will add a little nudge whenever someon...

Boss TV STARZ Kelsey Grammer

Boss Season 2 DVD Review

A show that is worthy of a new set of fans like few others, Boss never got out of the gates enough with the second season. It's hard to fault STARZ, having rene...

True Tori TV Tori Spelling

True Tori TV Review – Spelling Creates New Reality TV Question

We've found a new low in reality television when we start to hope the thing is fake, and True Tori is just laughing at you with that title.

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The Host Trickles Out Teaser Shots And Trailer

The Host, a new film coming to you by way of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer, isn’t set to hit theaters for a year and two days, but it’s letting ou...

Prometheus. WonderCon. Blah Blah Blah. Trailer. Squirrel.

So, as everyone knows by now, a new trailer for Prometheus is zipping around the internet, and everyone everywhere is reported as being, “full of joy.R...

New Battleship Trailer Explodes Online – Ha

Remember back when you first heard that there was going to be a movie based on Battleship? Well, I probably really mean, “Do you remember when I first hea...

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen Gets New Trailer

Going back all the way to Once Around,¬†Lasse Hallstr√∂m has been, for many, a hit or miss director. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Cider House Rules and ...

Friends With Kids Trailer Released

Hitting theaters on March 9th is not only what looks to be a great movie, with a brilliant cast, but a film you can real cheer for just based on the writer/dire...

The Cabin In The Woods Trailer Released. Whedon Looks To Revamp Genre

Joss Whedon obviously likes to get his hands into a variety of projects, and now he’s taking a shot at reworking the horror genre. The Cabin in the Woods,...

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