american idol

American Idol Judges Ryan Seacrest

ABC Is Bringing Back American Idol

You didn't know you were after a rework of this one, judging by the ratings, but you're getting it anyway.

American Idol Judges Ryan Seacrest

FOX Finally Gives Up On American Idol After One Last Year

The King is (almost) dead. An icon of television is finally on the way out as American Idol will only get one more season.

Steven Tyler Talks American Idol

So, we have the first couple nights of American Idol behind us, and while we would now normally be discussing some of the more horrendous hopefuls, this year the talk is all about the new judges. It i...

Reality Television Is Overrated… And Underrated

The Real World. Big Brother. A Shot At Love. The Apprentice. American Idol. What’s Next? It isn’t exactly walking to school uphill both ways, but I remember watching the first season of MTV’s Th...

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